Top 25 Largest Hedge Funds in Asia 2017

Top 25 Hedge Funds in Asia 2017

Below is a list of the 20 biggest hedge funds in Asia, ranked by AUM.  

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Rank Fund Name Country AUM ($millions) Strategy
1 GAM Fund Management Hong Kong 40318 Fund of Funds
2 Hillhouse Capital Hong Kong 24960 Emerging Markets
3 Graticule Asset Management Asia Singapore 8826 Global Macro
4 MCP Asset Management Hong Kong 6740 Fund of Funds
5 PAG Absolute Returns Hong Kong 5620 Credit
6 Dymon Asia Capital Singapore 5610 Global Macro
7 SPARX Group Co. Japan 5439 Asian Equity
8 Value Partners Hong Kong 4681 Asian Equity
9 Myriad Asset Management Hong Kong 4115 Multi Strategy
10 Tybourne Capital Management Hong Kong 4080
11 Symmetry Investments Hong Kong 3500 Credit
12 Greenwoods Asset Management Hong Kong 3417 Global Macro
13 Prime Capital Management Hong Kong 3214 Long/Short
14 CSOP Asset Management Hong Kong 3094 Credit
15 APS Asset Management Singapore 2128 Global Equity
16 Guard Capital Management Limited Hong Kong 2093
17 SAIL Advisors Hong Kong 2017 Fund of Funds
18 Ortus Capital Management Hong Kong 2000 FX
19 ADM Capital Hong Kong 1765 Distressed
20 Arisaig Partners Singapore 1665 Emerging Markets
Data as of June 1, 2017
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The three largest hedge funds in Asia for 2017 are GAM Fund Management, Hillhouse capital, and Graticule Asset Management Asia.

The top 10 Asian Hedge Funds have $110.3 billion in assets under management

The top 20 hedge funds in Asia have $135 billion in assets under management

15 of the 20 largest Asian hedge funds are in Hong Kong

4 of the 10 largest hedge funds in Asia are in Singapore

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