Top 10 Largest Hedge Funds Chicago - 2017

Top hedge funds in Chciago 2017
Top 10 Largest Hedge Funds in Chicago - 2017

Below is a partial list of the top hedge funds in Chicago as of June 1, 2017:

Fund Name City AUM ($millions) Strategy
1 Citadel Investment Group Chicago 152656 Convertibles
2 Balyasny Asset Management Chicago 37210 Multi Strategy
3 Alyeska Investment Group Chicago 16532 Managed Futures
4 LaSalle Investment Management Chicago 11012 Real Estate
5 Wolverine Asset Management Chicago 6282 Arbitrage
6 Anchor Bolt Capital Chicago 5261 Long/Short
7 JHL Capital Group Chicago 2193 Convertibles
8 Blue Vista Capital Partners Chicago 1324 Real Estate
Data as of June 1, 2017

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The three largest hedge funds in Chicago are Citadel Investment Group, Balyasny Asset Management, and Alyeska Investment Group

The 8 biggest hedge funds in Chicago have combined assets under management over 232.4 billion as of June 1, 2017

The 4 largest Chicago hedge fund managers all have in excess of $10 billion in AUM

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