Top 20 Largest Hedge Funds in California 2017

top hedge funds in California 2017
Top 20 Largest Hedge Funds in California - 2017

Below is data on the top 20 largest hedge funds in California as of June, 2017:


Fund Name City AUM ($ million) Strategy
1 Farallon Capital Management San Francisco 25436 Multi Strategy
2 Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Los Angeles 19358 Private Equity
3 Canyon Partners Los Angeles 19149 Multi Strategy
4 ValueAct Capital San Francisco 17581 Long/Short
5 Beach Point Capital Management Santa Monica 13033 Multi Strategy
6 Horsley Bridge Partners San Francisco 11172 Private Equity
7 Pacific Alternative Asset Management Irvine 10053 Fund of Funds
8 Rimrock Capital Management Irvine 8360 Commodities
9 Parallax Fund San Francisco 8311 Multi Strategy
10 Coast Asset Management Santa Monica 6930 Fund of Funds

Data as of June 1, 2017

View the full list of the top 20 hedge funds in California

The three largest hedge funds in California are Farallon Capital Management, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, and Canyon Partners

The top 10 hedge funds in California have a combined $139 billion in assets under management

Four of the ten biggest California hedge funds are based in San Francisco

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