List of Fund of Hedge Funds in Massachusetts

Fund of Hedge Funds (FoFs) in Massachusetts
Below is a partial list of fund of funds in the state of Massachusetts:

Firm City State WeWebsite Type
Balter Capital Management Boston MA www.baltercap.com Fund of Funds
Flag Capital Management Boston MA www.flagcapital.com Fund of Funds
Gottex Fund Management Boston MA www.gottexfunds.com Fund of Funds
Grove Street Advisors Wellesley MA www.grovestreetadvisors.com Fund of Funds
Highmount Capital Boston MA www.highmountcapital.com Fund of Funds
Knightsbridge Cambridge MA www.knightsbridgeusa.com Fund of Funds
Park Street Capital Advisors Boston MA www.parkstreetcapital.com Fund of Funds
PCG Asset Management Waltham MA www.pcgam.com Fund of Funds
Permal Capital Managemetnt Boston MA www.permalcapital.com Fund of Funds
Rockefeller & Co. Boston MA www.rockco.com Fund of Funds
Silvercrest Asset Management Group Boston MA www.silvercrestgroup.com Fund of Funds

Source: HedgeFundJobList.com

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