List of Fund of Hedge Funds in Illinois

Fund of Hedge Funds (FoFs) in Illinois
Below is a partial list of fund of funds in the state of Illinois:

Firm City State Website Type
Adams Street Partners Chicago IL www.adamsstreetpartners.com Fund of Funds
Calder Capital Partners Chicago IL www.caldercapital.com Fund of Funds
Contego Capital Partners Chicago IL www.contegocapital.com Fund of Funds
Efficient Capital Management Naperville IL www.efficientcapital.com Fund of Funds
Evanston Capital Management Evanston IL www.evanstoncap.com Fund of Funds
FIS Group Chicago IL www.fisgroup.com Fund of Funds
Glenwood Capital Investments Chicago IL www.glenwood.com Fund of Funds
Guidance Capital Chicago IL www.guidancecapital.com Fund of Funds
HFR Asset Management Chicago IL www.hfr.com Fund of Funds
Lighthouse Investment Partners Chicago IL www.lighthousepartners.com Fund of Funds
Mesirow Advanced Strategies Chicago IL www.mesirowfinancial.com Fund of Funds
Millburn Ridgefield Evanston IL www.millburncorp.com Fund of Funds
Muller & Monroe Asset Management Chicago IL www.m2am.com Fund of Funds
Twin Bridge Capital Partners Chicago IL www.twinbridgecapital.com Fund of Funds

Source: HedgeFundJobList.com

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