Boutique Hedge Funds Hiring Top Talent

Boutique Hedge Funds Still Hiring Top Talent
Despite the difficulties faced by many hedge funds, boutique hedge fund are still hiring quality candidates. In recent years, smaller and boutique hedge funds in NYC, Greenwich, California and Florida, had difficulty finding talented traders and analysts with a growing number of start ups soaking up top talent. Now, as many qualified financial professionals, many with hedge fund experience, hit the street, boutique hedge funds are finding it easier to find new job candidates.

According to an executive search firm, ‘‘The (hedge funds) that still have a lot of assets under management, the hedge funds that have not been hit by redemptions, they are still picking up some of the money-makers from the big banks." HedgeFundJobList.com, a website providing hedge fund contact lists, recently commented on PBS' Nightly Business Report that they "are seeing a surge in qualified applicants."

In an IHT interview, Andrew Sibbald, a founder of Lexicon Partners in London, said boutique firms’ partnership model meant ‘‘creative, bright people who are unfettered by all the woes of the big banks can just get out there and find business.’

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