2008 Hedge Fund Redemptions - A New Record

Hedge fund redemptions for 2008 reached an all-time high as investors pulled money from performing and non-performing funds alike. In 2008 almost 1500 hedge funds shut down, almost double the previous record of 848. Additionally, half of the hedge fund closures in 2008 came in the fourth quarter with 778 hedge funds closing in Q4 2008 alone.

* We have listed several hedge fund closings before, but here is a short list:

Drake Management
Peloton Partners
Ascot Partners
Ospraie Management ($2B+)
Okumus Capital
Gordian Knot ($27B Sigma Finance Fund)

And what list of hedge fund closures would be complete without Bernard Madoff Investment Securities.
and many more can be found at hedge fund implode

* All in all, almost 15% of the hedge fund industry closed shop in 08.

* Hedge fund openings also fell. The 650+ hedge funds that opened in 2008 was the lowest since 2000.
* The number of new fund starts in Q4 2008 (56) was half of that the previous quarter (117)

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