Hedge Fund Jobs in London/UK

Hedge Funds in London Currently Hiring
Below is a partial list of hedge funds in London and the UK that are currently hiring. The list below is only the first 10 out of more than 45 hedge funds with current job openings in London. You can view all hedge funds that are currently hiring by purchasing the UK Hedge Fund List. They just added a feature which show which of the more than 900 UK hedge funds on their list are actively seeking employees at the current time.

Company Name City Website
36 South Capital Advisors London www.bakerave.com
AGFE London www.barescapital.com
Alphadyne Asset Management London www.bluelioncap.com
Arrowgrass Capital Partners London www.corrientecapital.com
Balyasny Europe Asset Management London www.dfaus.com
Beach Point Capital Management London www.fortress.com
Black River Asset Management Surrey www.frontierinvest.com
BlackRock Investment Management UK London www.gsocap.com
BlueBay Asset Management London www.haymancapitalmanagement.com
Bluefin Companies London www.hodgescapital.com

HedgeLists downloadable hedge fund lists let you view which hedge funds are currently hiring, in addition to more than 30 other categories of information.

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