Hedge Fund Jobs In California

California Hedge Fund Jobs 2015
Looking for a hedge fund job in California? Below is a partial list of hedge funds in California that are currently or have recently been hiring employees. The list below includes 20 of the 85 known hedge funds that are currently hiring in California. Or get a complete list of hedge funds in California, including which funds are hiring.

Company Name City State Website
Accuvest Global Advisors Walnut Creek CA www.accuvest.net
Aetos Capital Menlo Park CA www.aetoscapital.com
Algert Coldiron Investors San Francisco CA www.acinvestors.net
Altegris Investments San Diego CA www.altegris.com
Archer Capital Management Beverly Hills CA www.archercm.com
Ashfield & Co., Inc. San Francisco CA https://www.ashfield.com/
Aviance Capital Management Los Angeles CA http://www.aviancecapital.com
Avondale Partners Sausalito CA www.avondaleonline.com
Avondale Partners San Diego CA www.avondaleonline.com
AXA Investment Management LLC Orinda CA www.axarosenberg.com
Baker Avenue Alternative Asset Management San Francisco CA www.bakerave.com
Baring Asset Management San Francisco CA www.baring-asset-us.com
Beach Point Capital Management Santa Monica CA www.beachpointcapital.com
Bernzott Capital Advisors Camarillo CA www.bernzott.com
Black River Asset Management San Mateo CA www.black-river.com
BlackRock, Inc. San Francisco CA www.blackrock.com
Cabezon Capital Markets San Francisco CA http://cabezoncapital.com
Camden Capital Management El Segundo CA www.camdencapital.com
Canyon Capital Advisors Beverly Hills CA www.canyonpartners.com
Canyon Capital Advisors Los Angeles CA www.canyonpartners.com

The above list shows 20 of the 85 hedge funds currently seeking employees in California. Get the complete list at www.hedgefundjoblist.com. They are an invaluable resource for finding hedge fund jobs.

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