Top 10 Hedge Funds in Asia by AUM - 2014

Top 10 Asian Hedge Funds

The 10 largest hedge funds in Asia for 2014, ranked by assets under management (AUM):

Fund Name City Country AUM ($USD)
Hillhouse Capital Group Beijing China $9.4B
Sparx Group Tokyo Japan $8.3B
Value Partners Hong Kong China $7.7B
Arisaig Partners Singapore Singapore $3.6B
Dymon Asia Singapore Singapore $3.2B
APS Asset Management Singapore Singapore $3.1B
Myriad Asset Management Hong Kong China $2.4B
Janchor Partners Hong Kong China $1.9B
ADM Capital Management Hong Kong China $1.6B
LIM Advisors Hong Kong China $1.6B

  • 6 of the 10 largest hedge funds in Asia are located in China, with 5 of those located in Hong Kong.

  • Singapore ranks 2nd with three of the largest hedge funds in Asia. 

  • The 10 largest Asian hedge funds combine to manage more than $40 billion in assets.

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