Hedge Funds Off to Poor Start in 2010

Hedge funds had their fourth worst first half in more than 20 years according to the Hennessee Group. Though hedge funds outperformed the major stock averages in the first half of 2010, .2% vs -7%, it still ranked among the worst first half performances. In 2009, the Hennessee Hedge Fund Index was up over 11% January through June. In 2008, one of the worst years for hedge funds given the broad market declines, hedge funds were down over 2% through June and finished the year down 19.9%.

The best performing hedge fund sectors in 2010 have been the debt categories with Fixed Income up 5.69%, High Yield up 4.42%, and Distressed up 3.87%. This comes amid tightening spreads between high yield debt and government securities.

The worst performing hedge fund strategies in 2010 are, somewhat unsurprisingly, Europe funds down 6.46%, Health Care down 2.85%, and Growth down 1.95%.

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