Fairfield Greenwich Group Profited from Madoff Scheme?

Fairfield Greenwich Group Makes More than $500 Million from Madoff Fund
Investors channeled to Bernard Madoff by hedge fund, Fairfield Greenwich Group, will likely lose the entirity of their $7.6 billion in investments and Fairfield Greenwich's directors probably lost $60 million of thier own funds in the scheme. However, Fairfield Greenwich may have made more than $600 million in management fees from those same unfortunate investors, the Financial Times reported today.

Estimates of the size of the losses from Madoff's ponzi scheme are between $30 billion and $50 billion. The SEC admits receiving a variety of warnings about Madoff including a 2005 report entitled "The World's Larges Hedge Fund is a Fraud."

Madoff's firm is formerly know as Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities "BLM"

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