Did Madoff Have Co-Conspirators?

Madoff's Acomplice?

Given the apparent magnitude of Bernie Madoff's alleged fraud, some experts have suggested he couldn't possibly have acted alone. Madoff asserts that he acted alone, but could a $50 billion dollar hedge fund really operate with dozens of traders, accountants, banks, regulators and others all kept in the dark? Founder of SeaBreeze Capital, Dave Kass suggests, "This was a very large scheme, and he couldn't have done it without the cooperation and assistance of someone well informed who could process trades, report them and create monthly statements."

Because the Madoff hedge fund, know as BLM, was essentially a family business, some are suggesting an obvious place to look for co-conspirators is with Bernie's brother Peter, sons Andy and Mark, and neice, Shana. They were the firm's CFO, director of trading, director of proprietary trading, and compliance attorney, respectively. However, it should be noted that authorities have mostly ruled out involvement by Madoff's family memebers.

Some "outside help" is also being investigated and Boston investment firm Cohmad Securities has had its records subpoenaed by regulators.

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