What is JSEcoin?

JSE coin
There are now hundreds of cryptocurrencies, many launched within the last 12 months. One of the most recent, and one with a unique twist, is JSEcoin.

JSEcoin is unique because it uses javascript on your website to use your visitors web browser to hash/mine coins. JSE coins can also be mined in the traditional way.

Essentially, JSEcoin allows anyone with a website to monetize their visitors simply by placing a small snippet of javascript on their site. Anytime a user visits your site their web browser will be used to help you mine JSE coins.

Plus you get a small amount of free JSE coin simply for signing up!

It remains to be seen whether this latest entrant into the world of cryptos will take off, but signing up is so easy it is a must try for anyone with a blog or website.

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