Hedge Funds Jobs in California 2016

Looking for a hedge fund job in California? If you are looking for hedge funds with open job or internship opportunities in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or elsewhere in California, the below list shows several hedge funds that are currently hiring in CA:

Whether you are looking for an internship, Analyst, Portfolio Manager or other hedge fund position, this abbreviated list of hedge funds in California with current job openings could be a great start:

Adelante Capital Management Oakland CA
Aequitas Capital Management Del Mar CA
AEW Capital Management Los Angeles CA
AMI Asset Management Los Angeles CA
Aria Partners GP Los Angeles CA
Avalon Global Asset Management LLC San Francisco CA
Aviance Capital Management Los Angeles CA
AXA Investment Management LLC Orinda CA
Babson Capital Management Newport Beach CA
Balyasny Asset Management San Francisco CA

Note the above list is just the first 10 out of 53 hedge funds that are currently hiring. 

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