REVIEW: Best Hedge Fund Directories

Review of the Top Hedge Fund Directories / Lists

There are now dozens of hedge fund directories available to investors, marketers, research groups and even job seekers. Below we seek to highlight some of the premier hedge fund directory providers and give you an overview of their services. Note that we do not currently have access to all available hedge fund directories so the following reviews are based on a combination of past reviews, current reviews, information provided by the directories and our own research.

4. Eureka Hedge
Eureka Hedge offers various high-quality hedge fund databases available to qualified investors only. In addition to the expensive global hedge fund database, Eureka Hedge offers various regional hedge fund directories such as the directory of hedge funds in Europe.

3. HedgeFundJobList
HedgeFundJobList is a little different than the other offerings on this list. They only cover hedge funds in the US. And while they offer extensive hedge fund contact details, but do not offer performance information. They seem to be geared towards job-seekers (thus the name), but their lists would also be suitable for marketing or research. They are by far the least expensive with downloadable lists starting at around $40. If you are just looking for a list of hedge funds in New York, for example, at under $100 for over 1,000 funds you can't go wrong.

2. Hedge Lists
Hedge Lists sells just what you would expect: lists of hedge funds. They have broken down their database into a variety of lists including hedge fund by country and by strategy. List range in price from $70-$700 and are a strong value. Check out the list of hedge funds in the UK for $135. Details provided include address, phone, fax, various emails, and AUM. Lists are updated monthly.

1. BarclayHedge
Though expensive ($4,500/yr or more depending on the database), BarclayHedge is seemingly still the premier hedge fund directory. BarclayHedge offers a contact hedge fund database and a global hedge fund database with over 6,000 hedge funds and fund of funds, as well as hedge fund newsletters and the like. The various databases include performance information as well as contact information like address, phone and email. The database is updated monthly.

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