Top 50 Hedge Funds 2009

Below is a list of the Top 50 Hedge Funds for 2009. (Based on 2009 YTD Performance):

Fund Country of Domicile 2009 YTD Return
GJ Investment Funds USA 594.00%
LaGrange Special Situations Yield Cayman Islands 457%
CKP Masters Aggressive Program Switzerland 257%
LaGrange Capital Partners USA 218%
Gaia Resources Fund Cayman Islands 215%
Group G Investments British Virgin Islands 202%
BTR Global Energy Fund Cayman Islands 193%
RAB Northwest Warrant Fund Cayman Islands 192%
Russian Prosperity B Cayman Islands 189%
Russian Prosperity C Cayman Islands 187%
Constellation Fund Equities USA 186%
Russian Prosperity A Cayman Islands 184%
Prosperity Cub Cayman Islands 181%
Senvest Partners Cayman Islands 179%
MMA Multigestion Emergents France 176%
Vltava Sicav Malta 173%
Troika Russia Fund Cyprus 168%
Dynamic Power Hedge Cana 160%
Kaltchuga Fund British Virgin Islands 161%
Loyola Capital Partners USA 158%
Salida Multi Strategy USA 156%
AUK Capital Partners USA 154%
Loyola Capital Fund USA 154%
FAMA Brazil Challenger Equity Cayman Islands 150%
Gerbino Gold Group USA 147%
Victoire Selection Brazil Cayman Islands 147%
Polo Fund Cayman Islands 143%
Olesen Capital USA 142%
ALphaNorth Partners Fund Canada 142%
UFG Russia Alternative Fund Cayman Islands 142%
GFTC New Value Trust Canada 141%
Thunder Silver Partners USA 140%
The Prosperity Quest Fund Cayman Islands 140%
Zhongyuan Licai Hongli Longying Trust China 137%
Golden China Fund Cayman Islands 137%
Front Street Candian Energy Fund Canada 136%
Ocean Star Fund China 136%
Southridge Partners USA 136%
Andromeda Global Credit USA 135%
Golden China US Fund Cayman Islands 135%
Investcorp Silverback Arbitrage USA 135%
Barnegat Fund Bermuda 132%
Concise Capital Offshore Fund Cayman Islands 132%
Meridian Glb Gold & Resources British Virgin Islands 130%
Elevated Value Focus USA 127%
Thunder Gold Partners USA 127%
FPP Yellow Tiger China Fund Cayman Islands 126%
India Synthetic Warrant Fund Guernsey 125%
Skopos Fund Cayman Islands 124%
CAAM Invest Luxembourg 124%

You will notice that most of the best performing hedge funds in 2009 are commodity and emerging markets funds.

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analyst for mos said...

would love to see top 50 hedge funds as measured by jan 1 2008 to jan 1 2010.