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Farallon Capital Management LLC
Farallon Capital Management is a US-based capital management firm that manages funds on behalf of institutions and individuals with significant capital. Based in San Francisco CA, the hedge fund was founded by Thomas F. Steyer in 1986. As of late 2008 it had approximately 150 employees. It is the second largest US hedge fund ranked by assets under management ($36b).

While it invests in all asset classes, a large quantity of its investments are in risk arbitrage restructuring, and recapitalization. Investments include debt and equity securities, direct investments in private companies, and real estate. Farallon's real estate investments span the United States, Europe, Latin America and India.
Farallon Capital Management’s institutional investors are primarily college endowments and foundations. Farallon invests globally, focusing on developed and emerging markets alike.

From Farallon Website: “Farallon places a priority on the preservation of capital, while seeking to achieve extraordinary risk-adjusted returns in each of its investment disciplines. It manages risk through rigorous research, including consultation with industry, legal and regulatory advisors. Farallon also seeks to build strong relationships with the management of the companies in which we invest.”

Farallon Capital AUM:
$36 billion

Managing Members of Farallon Capital Management:
Thomas F. Steyer, Stephen L. Millham, William F. Duhamel, Andrew J.M. Spokes, Alice Evarts, Jason E. Moment, Richard B. Fried, Ashish Pant, Monica R. Landry, Rajiv A. Patel, Douglas M. MacMahon, Greg Swart, William F. Mellin, Mark C. Wehrly

Farallon Capital Website:

Farallon Address:
Farallon Capital Management
1 Maritime Plz # 2100
San Francisco, CA 94111

Farallon Phone:
(415) 421-2132

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