Citadel Investment Group Firm Profile

Citadel Investment Group Firm Profile

Citadel Investment Group is a hedge fund founded by high-profile trader Kenneth Griffin and based in Chicago, IL. Citadel has more than $12 billion in assets under management (AUM) and is one of the largest hedge funds in the US and the 11th largest hedge fund in the world. Fortune reported in 2007 that Citadel’s trading made up as much as 3% of the daily trading volume in major exchanges in New York, London, and Tokyo.

Citadel has 1,200 employees worldwide and opened a $300 million office building in downtown Chicago. Citadel also has offices in New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Bermuda and London.

Citadel founder Ken Griffin is one of the wor ld’s most well known hedge fund managers. A billionaire, Fortune noted “He's got the trophy home, obviously, and is married to a very attractive woman, the former Anne Dias. The company he founded and runs, Citadel Investment Group, has around $13 billion in assets and is one of the largest and most powerful funds in the world.” Griffin is believed to want to expand Citadel into a more diversified financial firm.

Ken Griffin on his firm: "Visionary organizations don't chase the impossible; they focus on extending their reach to achieve the possible. We don't let up in the face of challenge, and we don't call it a day when an answer isn't readily at hand. Relentless effort, relying on our teammates and colleagues, and remaining open to unconventional solutions are the keys to the Citadel approach."

From Citadel Website:
Citadel attracts top talent who possess tremendous intellectual curiosity, innovative ideas and a relentless commitment to execution. We bring together intellectual capital from the fields of trading, technology, research, medicine, meteorology, and engineering -- all to solve complex problems and have an impact on the global capital markets.

Citadel AUM: $12 billion

Citadel Employees: 1200

Key Citadel People:
President and CEO: Ken Griffin
Director of Global Recruiting: Darcy Zulpo
Chief Information Officer: Tom Miglis
COO & CFO: Gerald Beeson

Citadel’s Website:

Citadel Address:
131 S Dearborn St # 3200
Chicago, IL 60603

Citadel Phone:
(312) 395-2100

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