Hedge Fund Resume Writing Tips

Hedge Fund Resumes

Increased competition and consolidation among hedge funds and other alternative investment companies has potential employees scrambling to get an advantage. Though your qualifications are paramount, presenting your skills properly through a well-designed resume can be of significant importance. Below, you will find some tips on writing a quality hedge fund resume.

There are plenty of resources on general resume writing. If you need a refresher course on the basics of resume writing, go here. This post will focus specifically on some of the important considerations for writing hedge fund resumes with impact. We also assume that many of those reading this post are looking for relatively entry-level hedge fund jobs such as Hedge Fund Analyst or Hedge Fund Associate, maybe even an internship with a hedge fund.

The first step is to identify anything from your academic or employment history that might help you stand out from the dozens or hundreds of other potential applicants for the job. Most people applying for a hedge fund Analyst role, for example, will have excellent GPAs from top universities. This is especially true for large hedge funds in New York, which often draw many Ivy League applicants. If your GPA or SAT scores were outstanding, include them, but if you put too much focus on something like grades or test scores, you risk being outmatched by an applicant with even better ones. Instead, try to focus on an unique achievement that demonstrates why you are qualified and also helps you to stand out from the competition. Maybe you helped found your university's investment club, maybe you had an internship with a boutique hedge fund, maybe you helped create a charity sponsoring micro-loans in Asia.

Find that achievement that differentiates you and highlight it. Unless your academic and professional history are superb, being bland will get your resume and cover letter tossed in the trash.

Remember, your resume will be unlikely to get more than a brief glance from most hedge fund managers. You have to make an impression. If necessary, you can use the interests section of your resume to get some attention. Be careful not to overdo this section, but if you happen to know that a certain hedge fund manager dines at fancy French restaurants, and you are huge wine connoisseur, maybe you mention in here.

Now, focus on creating a hedge fund cover letter that will give the person reviewing your application reason to look at your stellar resume.

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