Recent Hedge Fund Closings Number in the Fifties

Below is a list of hedge funds that have closed recently as defined by HF Implode:

Absolute Capital Group
Absolute Capital Management
Blue River Asset Management
Caliber Global Investment
Carlyle Capital Corporation
Cooper Hill Partners
Cornerstone Quantitative Investment Group
Dalton Melchior Japan Fund
Epic Limited Partnership
Falcon Strategies (Citigroup)
Focus Capital
Modulus Europe (Powe Capital)
Oddo: Cash Titrisation; Cash Arbitrages; and Court Terme Dynamique
Parvest Dynamic ABS, BNP Paribas ABS Euribor and BNP Paribas ABS Eonia (BNP Paribas) [3]
Peloton ABS Master Fund, Multi-Strategy Fund
Pentagon Capital Management
Pirate Capital (Activist Funds) [2]
Russell Investments (Alternative Strategies Funds)
Sachsen LB: Ormond Quay conduit fund
Sailfish Capital Partners
Sentinel Mangement Group
Windmill Management (SageCrest funds)
ASAT Finance (Citigroup)
Basis Capital Fund Management, Ltd. - Basis Yield Alpha
Bear Stearns High Grade Credit Funds
Cheyne Finance LLC (Cheyne CapitalM
CSO Partners (Citigroup)
Deephaven Event Fund
Dillon Read Capital Management (UBS)
Drake Management - Global Opportunities
Endeavour Capital
Galena Street Fund
Geronimo Multi-Strategy, Sector Opportunity, and Option & Income
GoldLink Capital
Gordian Knot - Sigma Finance, Ltd.
Highland Capital Management
Lake Shore Asset Management
Lancelot Investment Management
Lydia Capital
MAT Finance (Citigroup)
Niederhoffer Matador Fund
North American Equity Opportunities (Goldman Sachs)
Old Lane Partners (Citigroup)
Ospraie Fund
Polar Capital - Lotus, Tech. Absolute Funds
Rhinebridge Plc (IKB)
Ritchie Capital Management
Rumson Capital
Solent Capital Partners LLP, Mainsail II
Sowood Capital Management
Standard Chartered - Whistlejacket SIV
Synapse High Grade ABS Fund
Tequesta Mortgage Fund
Tontine Partners
Turnberry Capital Management
Union Investment Asset Management Holding AG
United Capital Markets Holdings Inc.: Horizon Funds

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